3 Superfoods you need in your diet now - Simply Bubbly

3 Superfoods You Need in Your Diet NOW (That You May Not Have Heard Of)

Everywhere you look you hear about Superfoods.  You hear about what foods you should eat, and the wonderful nutrients and benefits you’ll get from eating them.  The things that could hold you back from including these into your daily life may be that you’re not real excited about throwing back a kale salad, or trading […]


Staying Active with Chronic Pain - Simply Bubbly

Staying Active with Chronic Pain

In the past, including fitness in my daily routine was a bit of a challenge.  I didn't have a problem getting out to go kayaking, taking a dance class, or exploring the city by foot.  The trouble was getting it in regularly, when those weren't an option.  Then the beginning of last year, I got a ... read more

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