Easy Kids Art Project: Paper Plate Fish Art

When it comes to art projects for my daughter, I am all about simple arts and crafts made from things I have laying around the house.  Recently, my daughter had a half day at preschool, but due to an accident on our block, our bus never came, and there we stood in the rain.  I made the executive decision that it would be pointless to grab a later bus for a half day (by the time I’d get back home, I’d have to leave again to pick her up), and told my daughter that she wouldn’t be heading to preschool that day.

Then there they were.. those sad, teary eyes.  I swear to god I see those teary eyes every two hours for one reason or another.  It must be part of the terrible 4’s, and if that is not a thing, well it is in this household, and consider yourself lucky.

I know how much she loves preschool, so I asked her what would make for a happy day at home.  Her response – “a muffin and an art project.”

I had made Monkey Bread Muffins the day before.  Check.

An art project.  Hmmm.

Looking around the kitchen I saw some paper plates, and poof,  An Easy Kids Art Project.


Paper Plate Fish Art


What you’ll need:

-Paper plates



-Anything to decorate it: paint, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc.


The How To:

-First, Cut out a triangle to make the mouth.  Then take that piece, and tape it on the opposite side to make it a tail.

easy kid's art project - simply bubbly

-Then you decorate!  Easy Peasy, right?!

east kid's art project - simply bubbly

Happy Girl with her Fish, and happy mommy for a piece of cake art project!

easy kid's art project - simply bubbly


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