52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge 2014

52 things in 52 weeks - simply bubblyIf you saw my last post, I went through and wrote out general goals for the year.  On that list was to complete the 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge.  While researching a new challenge I could participate in, I came across this challenge on the blog, Kincavel Korner.  With the goal to finish 52 things in 52 weeks, I like how it is a narrowed down version of a goals list, and resembles a to do list of sorts (which I am infamous for making regularly).  I love being able to check things off as I complete them, so I am excited to give this challenge a shot.  Here is goes:


52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge 2014

In Progress




1.  Do 2 projects a month with Brooke.  (6/24)

2.  Teach Brooke how to read.

3.  Take Brooke to the dentist.

4.  Take pics of all Brooke’s artwork, and organize in folder.

5.  Take Brooke to 10 new places. (10/10)

6.  Organize and sell/donate all my daughter’s old clothes/books/toys.


7.  Do things to keep my mother strong.

8.  Start a new family tradition.

9.  Have more date nights with Bret.

10.  Talk to my family each week. (16/52)


11.  Try 5 new fitness classes (5/5)

12.  Moisturize regularly.

13.  Lose 25 lbs. (6/25)

14.  Participate in Meatless Mondays. (9/52)

15.  Try one new food I’ve never tasted before each month (3/12)

*January – Brussel Sprouts

*February – Arepas

*March –  Butternut Squash

16.  Cook a new meal each week. (15/52)

17.  Grow my own veggies from a seed.

18.  Run a 5k (without walking) with Bret. Due to my health

19.  Do 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. (0/30)

20.  Walk/Run for a cause.

21.  Get all my check ups (doctor, dentist, gyno). (1/3)

22.  Floss more.

23.  Eat less cheese.


24.  Do 52 Week Money Challenge. (16/52)

25.  Do a Budget.


26.  Donate all old clothes.

27.  Organize all our papers.

28.  Thoroughly clean and organize the house.


29.  Launch FSE.

30.  Write 2 blog posts a week on Simply Bubbly. (13/104)

31.  Write 1 blog post a month for Scene Stealers NYC Blog (5/12), and post 2 events a month (12/24)

32.  Double Facebook follows on both blogs.  Simply Bubbly (2100/320)  Scene Stealers NYC (330/248

33.  Do all my event descriptions.

Exploration/New Experiences:

34.  Check 7 things off my bucket list. (3/7)

35.  Visit 5 new places outside of the city. (0/5)

36.  Go to 12 new restaurants in NYC. (12/12)

37.  Go to Queens.

38.  Go to 20 new places in 5 boroughs. (7/20)

39.  Go horseback riding.

40.  Go paddleboarding.

41.  Go on 5 walks/hikes in different parks. (1/5)


42.  Make a piece of pottery.

43.  Make a candle.

44.  Make a picture book for parents.

Good for the Soul:

45.  Read 12 books this year. (4/12)

46.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

47.  Do a vision board.

48.  Learn how to meditate.

49.  Text/email people back quicker.

50.  Host a nice get together at my house (dinner party, brunch, etc)

51.  Treat myself once a month. (3/12)


52.  Make a new list of 52 Things in 52 Weeks for 2015.


I’ll update this each month, and I look forward to turning this page green!


What would you put on your 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge?




  1. […] 52 Things in 52 Weeks was a challenge I attempted in 2014.  I enjoyed participating in it, and keeping stock of what I was knocking off my life checklist.  When my health waned, my commitment to updating my progress fell to the wayside, so my results aren’t necessarily representative of what I accomplished.  I am not saddened when I look at a page that is not filled with green, but have peace in my heart knowing that there were many things achieved that was not accounted for on my 52 Week Checklist. […]

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