Meatless Mondays and Meal Planning (Recipe Review Included)

First things first for the year – FOOD!  Food is seriously my most favorite thing the whole world (besides my family, of course!).  I love it so much, I display it so nicely by wearing my large sized shirts, and my dipping into double digit dresses.  Ugh.  Time for a change.  This time around we’re trying something new (Meatless Mondays), and something old that I have had success with in the past (Meal Planning).


Meatless Mondays – pretty self explanatory.  No eating meat on Mondays!

When I diet guinea pigged the heck out of Veganism last year, I realized that once you get used to eating more veggies and beans, it gets easier to do, and there are plenty of delicious meals you can prepare that only involve the killing of plants.

Meal Planning – Also pretty easy – The planning of meals that will be cooked throughout the week.

I will be planning out all week day meals (unless Bret or I am out).  I found that when I lost my 25 lbs. a couple years back, planning healthy meals ahead of time meant picking up only healthy things at the grocery store in preparation.  It also saved time during the week in recipe searching and trips to the store, as well as helped me to get dinner on the table by 7pm.


Here is the Meal Plan from the past week, accompanied by a short review of each recipe:


MondayFirst installment of Meatless Mondays –  Spicy Black Bean Burgers:  Overall pretty good, but I did not find this burger spicy.  I found them a bit time consuming to make, but that could have been because I have a mini food processor, and I doubled the recipe.  Perfect freezer meal.

*My Rating:  3.5     *Bret’s Rating:  4     *Kid-Friendly: Yes

Tuesday – I was out.

WednesdaySweet, Sticky, and Spicy Chicken:  I’ve been making this one for years.  It is super quick to make, and quite delicious.  This time around I dusted the chicken in flour to brown them a bit better (also cooked at medium-high), and to thicken up the sauce.  I have made them many times without the flour, which is a bit healthier, but just takes longer for the sauce to thicken, and become sticky.  Also, I add in a bunch of veggies (check out the picture below), that I cook separately, then add to the sauce once it has thicken.

*My Rating:  4     *Bret’s Rating:  3    *Kid-Friendly:  No

ThursdayBBQ Chicken Wraps:  Quick and easy, and oh so delicious.  Pop your chicken in the crockpot to make for easy shredding, and mix up the sauce when you’re ready for dinner.  We served it with chopped red onion, fresh spinach, and mozzarella cheese, in a whole wheat tortilla, and it was a total winner.

*My Rating:  5     *Bret’s Rating:  5     *Kid-Friendly:  Yes

FridayBruschetta Chicken:  I enjoyed the freshness of this meal (would be perfect during the summer), and served it with a side of broccoli.  Make sure to use fresh basil, and a quality balsamic vinegar, as it makes all the difference in the world.

*My Rating:  4     *Bret’s Rating:  3     *Kid-Friendly:  Yes


I plan to review each week’s recipes, with ratings, so look out for it each week!


What did you eat this past week?  Any 5 star recipes?


sweet, sticky, and spicy chicken - simply bubbly

sweet, sticky, and spicy chicken

spicy black bean burger - simply bubbly

Variation of Spicy Black Bean Burger – With Guacamole and lettuce.



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    I don’t think, as a family, we strive for a meatless day. We have meatless meals built into our meal schedule at random. Pasta with veggies, black beans and rice, lasagna, southwest corn chowder, french onion soup, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Wow… looking at that list we seriously rely on soups and pastas. Ha! #SITSblogging
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