My Mohawk Rug Review + A Rug Giveaway!!

mohawk rug giveaway - simply bubbly

Just a few weeks ago, as I was cleaning up yet another spilled cup of juice on my living room rug, I realized that I was in desperate need of a new rug.  Then, a week and a half ago, as if someone had heard my plight, I received an email about reviewing a lovely new Mohawk rug.  Seriously, my fingers couldn’t type out the words YES PLEASE any faster than they did.

Here was our living room before our new rug.

mohawk rug giveaway - simply bubbly

living room before 1


After a day of looking through all the varieties of rugs (they have so many to choose from!), Bret and I finally decided on one called Mohawk Colorful Expressions Hidden Escape (Beige) (available through Amazon).  Bret wanted something floral, and I wanted something that would brighten the room up that was not literally flowers, so this one stroke a nice balance for us.

Mohawk Rug Giveaway - Simply Bubbly

Mohawk Colorful Expressions Hidden Escape (Beige)


Once we selected our rug, we were made aware that it is made of a Permastrand fiber (100% polypropylene), which is a kid-friendly fiber.  In other words, it has permanent satin and soil protection, is easy to care for and clean, and made for mommies that have kids that drink so fast that only half of it makes it into their mouths.


Here is our new and improved living room.

mohawk rug giveaway - simply bubbly


We just love it!  It is made incredibly well (in the United States), the colors match perfectly with our living room, and the best part of all – It is sooo soft!  It feels so delightful on my feet that I wish our whole apartment was covered in carpet like that.  It is everything that I could ever want in a rug!

mohawk rug giveaway - simply bubbly


One thing I am also truly excited about is that receiving this rug has worked to inspire me to re-do the space we live in.  I think it was easier for us to just keep our old school furniture (check out our coffee table – if that isn’t 1970’s style, then I don’t know what is) since we had a lil’ one (which actually worked out well since our coffee table has been adorned with stickers over the past years), and to not work on decor as much, since we figured once we bought a house we’d make that space our own.  Though I understand our reasoning, I spend so much time at home that I am ready to make this place a sanctuary that I love.  So in the coming weeks, you can look forward to checking out my progress.  Thank you Mohawk Home for sparking that interest again in loving the space I live in.

Here is a short video to tell you a bit more about Mohawk Home, the largest manufacturer of rugs in the United States.


Want your very own Mohawk Rug?  Then you came to the right place!  Mohawk Home has been kind enough to offer one (1) Lucky Winner a FREE 5×8 Rug, of your choice, up to a $150 value!!  (Must be in the US, and 18+ years to participate).  Just enter below, and a Beautiful New Rug can be yours!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
mohawk giveaway - simply bubbly[/caption]

Mohawk Lascala Chevron Collection

mohawk rug giveaway - simply bubbly

Mohawk Ornamental Ogee Multi Collection

 mohawk rug giveaway - simply bubbly
Mohawk Watamu Collection

Most pinned Mohawk rug on Mohawk Home’s Pinterest.  Yep, you can get it for under $150!

If you would like more inspiration, Check out Mohawk Home at their blog, Mohawk Homescapes, or follow them on HomeTalk, Google+, YouTube, or Houzz.


Which rug would you choose if you won?


Good Luck,



PS – Thank you Mohawk Home for the lovely rug.  All opinions are 100% my own. :)


  1. Mandy McKenna says

    That’s so great! I think it looks beautiful! The rug I have is super old as well, I like that first one you posted, the Mohawk Lascala Chevron Collection rug. Thanks for sharing!

    • Simply Bubbly says

      I love that one too! Whenever we get a house, that one is sure to be going in it (that is if I can get Bret to stray away from the floral prints. lol ).

    • Simply Bubbly says

      That one seems to be a favorite.. with good reason – it’s really beautiful, and can go with a variety of decors. Good luck!

  2. Hanna says

    I don’t know if I would pick it for my living room, but Mohawk’s mustache rug is really fun! Maybe in the toy room :)

  3. says

    Hi Denise
    This is a beautiful rug. Thanks for the opportunity to win one. I came by to say hello and return some blog love. You have a wonderful blog and I’m now following you via FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin and I’m looking forward to getting to know your blog better. I also host a Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party that I’d love to have you come by sometime and link up if you have time.

  4. says

    I would choose a herringbone I think, the blue and green. However, if I won…I would get this for my little girl. She has a new baby brother and we are pampering her a bit by remodeling her bedroom so Id let her pick. Im sure she would pick the UK Flag which would match NOTHING…but hey its her world. :-)

    • Simply Bubbly says

      That is sweet of you. My daughter would be the same way. Her room is a light pink and green scheme, and I am sure she would pick one with robots or something. kids.. 😉 Good luck!

    • Simply Bubbly says

      Ha ha. I think you were commenting on my site as I was commenting on yours! Thanks for the comment love, and I hope you win!

  5. Victoria says

    Hi, I was wondering if the winner of the rug had been emailed/responded yet? I entered as Victoria and am really hoping it’s me! :)

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